Master Gardeners have inspired people of all ages to love and appreciate plants and nature while they teach lessons through a variety of presentations and hands-on activities. 

Master Gardeners are often requested to help with one-of-a-kind projects that include educating large groups in community planting projects. Organizations who have requested assistance in the past have included Anoka County Parks and Recreation, Habitat for Humanity, Tree Trust, Great River Greening, Boy Scouts of America, many schools and others.

For more information on adult or youth educational activities, select a the link below:

Veterans' Memorial Garden 2019 Renovation - HABITAT GARDEN 

The Veteran’s Memorial Garden was renovated in 2019 and now features over 65 varieties of perennials and shrubs that provide, food, shelter or breeding habitat for native bees, butterflies and birds. 

Located on the South end of the Anoka County Parks Bunker Hills Activities Center, this showcase garden features beautiful shrubs, small trees, perennials and a different display of annuals each year. Open to the public.

Learn about the specific features of each plant in the garden by clicking on the photographs.

Download a copy of the condensed plant list .

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for humanity landscaping project

Habitat for humanity landscaping project

Anoka County Master Gardeners partner with Habitat for Humanity Twin Cities to help support their mission of providing simple, decent affordable housing for hard-working low- income families. MORE

Other Community Events 

Master Gardeners are available to assist with community-based planting projects by helping to educate project volunteers about proper planting and after-care of trees and plants.  Other community events may involve eradicating invasive weeds such as buckthorn.  As rain gardens grow in popularity, Master Gardeners are equipped to assist with plant selection and installation of plants with large groups.   

Organizations who typically contact Master Gardeners for these service projects include K-12 schools, Great River Greening and Tree Trust

Youth Projects

 4-H Projects

  • Workshop days/Family Night/Natural Resources Field Trip

School Projects

  • Crossroads School and Vocational Center Victory Garden

  • Short/long term schoolyard garden projects

  • Tree planting projects

  • Citizen science programs

  • After-school programs

  • Junior Master Gardener Program (JMG)

 Summer Camps

  • Custom designed summer programs

To request Master Gardener volunteers to assist with community gardening or landscape projects, please contact the Anoka County Master Gardener office